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About digital media by Goode

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Where's Goode?

Whilst Goode has the ability work remotely in any part of the US/UK, some businesses prefer a more personal consultation. The map below shows where Goode is currently located, but this doesn't mean that this is the only area we serve!

  • Bloomington

    Goode loves the USA and is proud to now work and reside in Indiana.

    Although new to the Southern Indiana area, we have the ability to help your business shine. From small shops to large greenhouses, we can help give you an unrivaled digital presence on the web.

  • London

    Born and bred in London, Will just can't seem to shake the city.

    Goode loves working in London. It doesn't matter where you are in the city, the trains will always find you. A lot of our work has been London based so you will often find part of us here.

    Sadly, Goode is now no longer offering face to face services for the London area. Please contact for more information on remote opportunities.

  • Sheffield

    Sheffield - Where it all started

    This is where Will attained his first class degree and started working freelance. Goode is incredibly familiar with Sheffield and the surrounding areas, giving us a unique edge to your business and the local culture. Be it Kelham Island or Abbeydale Road, we have a solution to your digital issue.

    Sadly, Goode is now no longer offering face to face services for the Sheffield area. Please contact for more information on remote opportunities.

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Small personal projects

From a very young age, Will was always keen on computers and how they function. He was always looking for new and creative ways he could use the machine that kept him occupied for many hours. By 2010, he was playing with the Adobe Creative Suite, using it to manipulate images and video.

College - Creative Media Production
2012 - 2014

Completely uninterested in the mainstream subjects A-Levels had to offer, Will enrolled in Redbridge College, Chadwell Heath to complete a course in Creative Media Production. Here, Will was able to truly find what he was passionate about - working to a client brief, from start to finish. Extending his knowledge further, websites started being created for personal projects, motion graphics were made and client briefs met.

University - Digital Media Production
2014 - 2017

Will wasn't finished at college. Knowing he was dedicated to the rather broad subject area, he ventured further into finding what he was passionate about. Under the guidance of industry professionals, he took particular interest in 360° virtual tours, application programming and furthered his knowledge in website development. Completing three years and 18 modules, he attained a first class degree with honours.

2014 -

Whilst in university, Will met many people, both inside and outside of the digital industry. During this time, to match his project modules, he tailored many of his friends digital needs to that of his own, creating a wide range of assets. Since then, under the guise of Goode Production, he has been developing contacts within the industry and creating professional work for a variety of clients.


As necessary as completing your project is, there is nothing more important than pre-production. Goode can help you visualise your final piece from start to finish. We begin by sketching out rough ideas to meet your theme, then create wireframes and mockups so you know exactly what is planned. We want to ensure that your final product is exactly what you want before we even begin.


Production is the fun part! Goode spends countless hours perfecting your project to meet your needs. We constantly update you on how your piece is going, seeing whether you like or dislike the progress we have made. Changes are always inevitable, so we are in constant communication with our clients.


So we've planned and created our piece... What now? Just as important as our other processes, completion brings a whole new level to customer service and client satisfaction. Here we will give a thorough breakdown on how your piece functions and has come together. We don't just create something and leave it to you, Goode is always on hand to help maintain your product.

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